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Uniform at Djose

*Yuna and co. return to Djose, but head south away from the temple and runs into some more female gang members*

Woman 1: Oh how strange... where could I have dropped it?

Woman 1: If I've lost that special sphere, I'll have to face LeBlanc's wrath!

Woman 2: Don't fret yet, I'll help you find it.

Yuna: Special sphere, eh?

Yuna: We should nab it!

Paine: So much for morals, I see.

Rikku: Well yeah!

** Mission Start! **

[Get that Uniform!]
[You've got a chance to nab a rather important sphere LeBlanc's cronies dropped, and maybe get their uniform too!
Clear Conditions: Find the sphere]

*Down the path, Yuna finds the dropped sphere*

[Got Yuna's Special Dress, [Flora Fleur]!]

Uno: Of all places to find you...

Uno: Aghh, sorry but we've been lookin' all over for that.

Uno: Err... you're not giving it back?

Uno: Why, that's...!

Sano: You!?

Uno: They're just awful! They won't give us the sphere back!

Sano: That's fine.

Uno: Eh?

Sano: Because we'll just take it from them!

*After the battle...*

** Mission Complete! **

[Got Key Item [LeBlanc Gang uniform]!]

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