| 8 jul 2003 at 9:30 CST | updated by Seph >>

Yeaaaah, well, okay.  Here's an update :)

There's not much left but dialogue anymore, which is an accomplishment, I'd say.  I added the terribly lengthy conversation with Maechen to the Mushroom Rock sidequest in S.Lv 1, but ultimately the dialogue update is minor.

The big news is the gameplay section!  Names, Items, Accessories, Dress & Abilities are all COMPLETE!  100%!  If you find items, accessories or abilities I'm missing, let me know immediately, because I think I've covered them all!  On top of that, the biggest requested thing for the site (besides more dialogue updates) is also well underway -- printer friendly versions.  With the completion of those gameplay sections comes printer-friendly PDFs of each, as well as a compiled PDF of all of it.

The Result Plates section and more dialogue updates are still to come, though, so stay tuned!


| 20 may 2003 at 20:40 CST | updated by Seph >>

You know what the problem with gameplay updates is?  They take so much time to get going!  That said, tonight we open our final not-yet-opened section: Result Plates!  It's not an entirely complete list, but contains 30 or so, and lays the foundation for the rest of them.  Also I added a little bit to the about this page page, so check it out if you have had questions about some of the translation's accuracy.

I had the chance to play an English-language demo of FFX-2 at the LA Convention Center last week, as well as speak to some of the most esteemed individuals responsible for doing this job for real at the Square-Enix booth.  It seems most of those conjectures I made based on the Sphere With Materials booklet were correct; it is indeed the Leblanc Syndicate, Uno and Sano are indeed Logos and Ormi, and Dachi is of course Buddy.  I should have seen that last one coming ("dachi" ~~ "tomodachi", come on, man!), although I still have no idea where out of left field they got "Logos" and "Ormi."  Any takers?


| 12 may 2003 at 21:55 CST | updated by Seph >>

School's out for summer!  Thank goodness, for my own brain and for this wee page!  Of more interest to you all...

Main Dialogue Complete!

Debatable, maybe, since so much of the game takes place in side quests, but it's now definitely possible to complete the entire game without reading a word of Japanese (albeit with the Sad Ending).  Also keep in mind, for those of you unfamiliar with the game's strange ending system, regardless of which ending you get, you see the same main FMV, so don't fret, you Normal Ending-ers.

I'm now on summer vacation now, and I expect we'll have near-daily updates again... starting Saturday.  I'm leaving on a little vacation to the LA Convention Center for a few days, which is why I wanted to make sure to get this little 18-page finale online.  Top priorities when I get back include some long-awaited gameplay translations, song translations, a PDF of Story Level 1, and some miscellaneous, maintenance-related jazz.  Also a hefty surprise is in store, which I guarantee will mean nothing to about 95% of this site's readership.  Trust me :)


| 1 may 2003 at 2:10 CST | updated by Seph >>

I knowwww, it's been way too long, and I know tonight's "update" is pathetically tiny.  In fact I wouldn't have posted it except to let you know I haven't abandoned you.  There are a variety of reasons, one being that I thought all those SL5 Active Links were required before progressing in the story.  But the biggest factor all this last week has been school.  I'm now done with all assignments for the semester and it's just final exams next week that remain.  If you have serious complaints, please blame this man and the blasted Two-Independent Sample t-test!  However, I'm much worse about studying for tests than I am about getting assignments done, so I promise things will pick up from here.

Also, I'm getting mandates from all quarters to put up some kind of assembled, printable version of the translations.  I guess I thought the black on white color scheme took care of the printable part, but I definitely see the point in an assembled version.  My current line of thinking is, after finishing the main story dialogue (which should be soon, if level designs are any indication) I'll put up a Dialogue Translation Compilation 1.0, which will have a complete SL1, and the active links from 2-5.  Given how handy they are I was thinking of PDF format.  Any objections Suggestions?

Lastly, with the end of main dialogue approaching, I'm aware there are several endings depending on your path through the game.  I've read the very thorough faq on GameFAQs, but can anyone clue me in on which ending(s) I'm headed for?  I intend to translate all four (?), and I suspect I can knock Bad and perhaps Normal out of the way this time.


| 23 apr 2003 at 3:25 CST | updated by Seph >>

Sure, you can complain about the frequency of the updates, but when it rains, damn does it pour!  How about 16 or so pages for ya, spread over two complete Active Links and FINISHING off Story Level 4?  Is SL. 5 really big or are we actually nearing the end!?

For those of you wanting song translations, I'm going to add a Misc Translations section some weekend, and will include both "Real Emotion" and "1000 Words" translations, and link to them straight from the dialogue translations.  Oh, and before you email me with the correction, I know she isn't saying "I love you" there.  It makes sense and it's my homage to the official translators from FFX.


| 17 apr 2003 at 1:55 CST | updated by Seph >>

About time for an update, don't you think?  How about a ten page Introduction to Story Level 4??  LOTS of story stuff in this one, only slightly less impressive than that SL 3 climax.

Also, I just I'd let you guys know something.  It's one of the pitfalls of my fan-oriented translation method.  See, part of my reason for doing this in the first place is so I can enjoy the game without any language hindrances as well, and to play the whole game through before beginning translation would negate that.  So pretty much, what you see on this page is how far I've personally played.  My point?  This can cause some minor context problems.  Some scenes that are MEANT to be cryptic to the player wreak major havoc on my shaky Japanese, and may require future revision.  We had one example of this tonight with reference to the Akagi Squad.  Paine pretty much explains it all tonight, but remember that brief but confusing sphere in LeBlanc's hideout?  Yeah...... well it made a lot more sense now :)  Anyway, that little part has been almost completely redone, so check it out again if you're interested.

I recently picked up the FFX-2 "The Sphere With Materials" book, which I don't really recommend as it doesn't have much more than pretty pictures and relatively basic info on the game systems (I was hoping for something Ultimania-ish).  However it has a sparse amount of English names amidst the Japanese, including some possible names I had not seen before.  Yuna, Rikku, Paine, Shinra, Brother, Gullwings, Nooj, Baralai and LeBlanc (written Leblanc) are all in there as usual.  On the other hand, Dachi is Buddy, Gippel is Gippal, the Machina Clan is the Machina Faction, the LeBlanc Gang is "The Leblanc's Syndicate" (I had already heard that one, but thought calling it a "syndicate" was silly), the Youth Alliance is the Youth League, and oddest of all, Uno and Sano are Ormi and Logos!  Can anyone offer further confirmation of these?  Some things, like the Youth Alliance, I might change now, although I'd really need something major to change UNO to ORMI...


| 14 apr 2003 at 3:05 CST | updated by Seph >>

I really was about to save this for tomorrow, but I saw a stopping point, and besides, you guys have all been good sports.  So let's finish up Story Level 3 tonight, shall we? :)


| 13 apr 2003 at 4:30 CST | updated by Seph >>

Well, I didn't really intend for it to be this way, but I had boo-booed in my initial order, so tonight's update is a healthy one -- THREE new Active Links from Story Level 3!  First is the missionless one at Mushroom Rock that disappears if you don't do it early on, the monsters in Besaid and also the monsters in Kilika.  I'd say I'm over my cold, eh? :)

On the subject of updates, I apologize that I've been rather absent recently.  Finals in school are approaching, and to celebrate my professors are packing in as many papers and tests as they can, so these next couple weeks are NOT going to get better.  Come the beginning of May, however, summer begins, and ALL MY TIME IS YOURS!  At the rate I've been able to work WHEN I've been able to work, I estimate things will pick up in pace significantly at that time, but just bear with me till then.


| 9 apr 2003 at 3:20 CST | updated by Seph >>

Bad news: I have a cold and had a statistics test today.

Good news: We're done with Story Level 2! 


| 6 apr 2003 at 19:25 CST | updated by Seph >>

This is probably going to be the only update tonight, just because it'll take a couple hours more hours to get dialogue translation rolling.  But don't fret, it WILL be rolling, and there should be a nice big update tomorrow for ya.

Also don't be too disheartened, tonight's update is more on the much requested Dress Spheres section!  I need to add minor details to the Magic Gunner and Item Shooter classes, but other than that (and, yes, the Mascot), it's pretty much DONE!  Been wondering what all those weird commands on the Special Dresses do?  Well, have a look!


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